Lutheran Apologetics?

Apologetics is the defense of Christianity, usually on intellectual grounds. Lutherans have a mixed attitude towards Christian apologetics. Interestingly, in my experience with Lutherans, it is not a mix of people who support apologetics and those who are indifferent to apologetics, but rather people who support apologetics and those who are downright hostile to the endeavor. As a committed apologist myself, my own view is not sympathetic to those who are hostile or dismissive.

It is my position, in fact, that out of all those in the Church, it ought to be the Lutherans that are leading the way in apologetics. Lutherans have a long history of supporting education, establishing schools alongside churches and investing millions of dollars on creating university systems. This recognition of the importance of the intellect and of education would lead one to believe that Lutherans also thought the intellect was important in the promotion and defense of the faith. This is generally not the case but it is something that I’d like to change.

At this time, this site is devoted merely to raising the issues and putting forward a number of resources. The resources can be useful for anyone but I hope that they will be good starting points for Lutherans in particular.

I myself am the Executive Director of Athanatos Christian Ministries, an apologetics ministry I founded several years ago.  It is not a Lutheran apologetics ministry, per se, but it is an example of an apologetics ministry carried out by a Lutheran with much help, assistance, and input from like minded Lutherans.  Check it out:

Anthony Horvath
Executive Director
Athanatos Christian Ministries

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