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The following are the leading websites on-line for the leading apologetic and scientific research organizations, scholar’s homepages, radio shows, and television shows.
Leading Organizations

  1. Discovery Institute

Important Professional Scholar’s Homepages

  1. Gary The leading critical scholar on the resurrection, Gary Habermas is the chair of Liberty University’s theology and philosophy department. His homepage offers several audio presentations, videos (including a famous debate with Antony Flew), chapter excerpts, as well as games.
  2. Peter Boston College’s philosopher, Peter Kreeft, author of numerous philosophical treatises in defense of the Christian worldview. His homepage offers several audio presentations, video presentations, and essays for free.
  3. N.T. Wright: One of the leading New Testament scholars, Bishop of Durham Wright’s unoffical homepage, with lectures, articles, audio, video, sermons, and interviews.
  4. Ravi Zacharius International Ministries:

Radio/TV/Debate Shows; although non-professional in nature, the listed radio/tv/debate programs consistently feature well-known professional scholars:

  1. White Horse Inn, “nationally syndicated radio talk show hosted by Michael Horton, Rod Rosenbladt, Kim Riddlebarger and Ken Jones. On the air since 1990, the show features a regular roundtable discussion of Christian theology and apologetics.”
  2. Stand To Reason, Greg Koukl’s popular radio show. Links to live feeds as well as archives.
  3. Issues, Etc., Todd Wilken’s popular radio show. Todd Wilken is an ordained Missouri Synod pastor, and his St. Louis-based show is syndicated on over 100 stations. Links to live feeds as well as archives.

Critical Apologetics:

Philosophical Apologetics:

Scientific Apologetics:

Existential Apologetics:

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